Bay State Postal Worker





Below is the list of non-members in our local.  We will be updating this list monthly.  We have taken every possible precaution to ensure this list is accurate.

If by chance there is a name here that should not be, I sincerely apologize and will alert the membership; however I believe this list is accurate.

CLERK NON-MEMBERS                    Updated  Oct. 2011 

Anderson, Sylvester, Mission Hill

Angier, Patricia G., Medford P.O.

Baker, Robert A., GMF Tour-2

Bauer, Marion L., Quincy P.O.

Belanger, Alice L., IMC Chelsea

Berkland, John H., GMF Tour-2

Bouzan, Ken, GMF Tour-3

Brunelli, Susan J., Wrentham P.O.

Callahan, Mary M., Belmont P.O.

Cappuccio, Pasquale, GMF

Carnes, Joyce, Waltham P.O.

Cavanaugh,Diane E., Fields Corner

Chisholm, Ronald, GMF Tour-3

Churchill, Pamela, Belmont P.O.

Clark, Gary, GMF Tour-3

Connelly, Marc M., Holliston P.O.

Coughlin, Gail, Malden P.O.

Couture, Armand L., IMC Chelsea

Cray, Ann P., Needham P.O.

Dacey, Theresa E., GMF

DeAndrade, Manuel, NWB Waltham

DiPesa, Paul L., GMF Tour-3

Donovan, Helen, GMF

Dooley, Greg T.,  GMF Tour-3

Dunne,  John J., Milton P.O.

Feraco, David M., GMF

Finn, Robin S., Malden P.O.

Frey, Karen, No. Marshfield

Fucarile, Maureen L., Waltham P.O.

Gallup, Ann M., Cohasset P.O.

Galvin, Steven P., GMF Tour-3

Haddad, James, Green Harbor P.O.

Hahn, Steven E., GMF

Halley, Linda, Fort Point Sta.

Hanlon, John F., NWB Tour-1

Hay, Kenneth W., Quincy P.O.

Hill, Ramona, Medfield P.O.

Hines, Mildred, Mission Hill P.O.

Holmes, Maria L., GMF Tour-2

Hoyen, Deborah A., GMF Tour-3

Jarrett, Hugh M., GMF Tour-1

Jordan, Milton, NWB Tour-1

Kajunski, Kathleen A., Cambridge P.O.

Kavanagh, Paul T., GMF Tour-2

Keenan, Patrick J., Millis P.O.

Kilduff, Alfred J., GMF Tour-2

Kilduff, Roberta, Charlestown P.O.

Krieche, Laverne, Prudential P.O.

Kuo, Janice, Bedford P.O.

Mancuso, Carol L., Newton Center

Marcin, Carol, Stoneham P.O.

McGrath, Susan, Cohasset P.O.

The membership is entitled to know who is not paying their fair share for all the benefits you pay for every day - that they also receive.


Melody, Patricia, Milton P.O.
Michelson, Robert, Malden P.O.

Miller, Mary A., GMF Tour-3

Miranda, Marylou, Cathedral P.O.

Moulaison, Lori, Cambridge P.O.

Mulhern, James R Jr., GMF Tour-3

Nadeau, Linda M., GMF Tour-2

Nihan-Teed, Joann, GMF

Padulsky, Robert, Belmont P.O.

Palmer, Kim, Brookline Village P.O.

Petrishen, John G., GMF Tour-1

Pino, Cheryl, Belmont P.O.

Poirier, Laurie, NW Carrier Annex

Reeves, Jacqueline, GMF Tour-1

Roberts, Debra, IMC Chelsea

Ruggiero, Ralph, Southborough PO

Scannelli, Joseph, W. Medford P.O.

Sensale, Deborah A., IMC Chelsea

Stairs, Roberta, GMF Tour-1

St.Pierre, Susan, Chestnut Hill PO

Stover, Sandra, Canton P.O.

Stygles, Timothy, Bedford P.O.

Thomas, Christina, GMF Tour-2

Tuesley, James, GMF

Venuti, Joan B., GMF Tour-3

West, Colleen, GMF Tour-3

Williams, Dawn, NWB Tour-1

Zakrewski, Laureen, Stoneham P.O.


Barry,  Robert J.

Belanger, John J.

Bova,  John S.

Butler, Mark S

Condon, Stephen

Connolly, Steven

Draganov, Dimcho

Fralick, Steven G.

Franks, Christine

Jenkins, Scot A

Keane, John C.

Knox, Charles F.

Malnati,  Robert W.

Merz, Paul F.

Nargi, John

Porcella, Anthony

Sevigny, Gerard

Skayne, Chester J.

Smith, Enoch


Herget, Robert E

Jerome, Edward A.

Pace, Wayne

Rosenblatt, Brad

Rossi, Walter