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Guffey to Union Members:
Don’t Let Anti-Labor Politicians Stop You From Voting
APWU News Bulletin 08-2011, April 28, 2011
Some very powerful politicians have set their sights on postal employees, APWU President Cliff Guffey has warned, and union members must respond decisively.
“Anti-labor members of Congress have said the union’s tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement
[PDF - members only] is too favorable to workers,” the union president noted. “They favor contracting out virtually all of our jobs. [Read more]

Vote on the Tentative Agreement
If You Didn’t Get a Ballot...
APWU News Bulletin 07-2011, April 18, 2011
Ballots for the ratification of the tentative 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement were mailed to eligible members April 8-11, and must be received in designated return post office box in New York by 9 a.m. on May 10. The vote count will begin May 11. [Read more]

House Hearing Sets Troubling Precedent
APWU Web News Article 043-2011, April 13, 2011
APWU members across the country cheered when President Cliff Guffey stood up for postal workers at a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on April 5, but the inquiry into the union’s tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement set a troubling precedent nonetheless. [Read more]

Clearing Up Confusion
About the Tentative Agreement

APWU Web News Article 042-2011, April 11, 2011 & (Updated April 12, 2011)
A few provisions of the Tentative Agreement have been misunderstood by some union members. APWU President Cliff Guffey sets the record straight in video messages: [Watch videos]

Ballots Mailed, Due Back May 10
Vote on Tentative Contract
APWU News Bulletin 06-2011, April 8, 2011
The mailing of ballots for ratification of the tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement began April 8 and will be completed April 11, the Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee has announced. Ballots are due in the return post office box in New York by 9 a.m. on May 10, and will be counted on May 11.
[Read more]

House Hearing:
Guffey Defends Collective Bargaining
APWU News Bulletin 05-2011, April 5, 2011
In a contentious hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, APWU President Cliff Guffey gave a vigorous defense of collective bargaining and postal employees. [Read more]
Rachel Maddow: “This little ‘Republicans hate the post office’ hearing”

Guffey to Testify Before House Committee
Chairman Blasts Contract as Too Generous to Workers
APWU News Bulletin 04-2011, March 31, 2011
APWU President Cliff Guffey has been asked to testify about the union’s tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, whose powerful chairman has publicly condemned the new agreement and said it is too generous to postal employees. [Read more]

APWU Members to Vote on Tentative Agreement
Mailing Starts April 8; Ballots Due Back May 10
APWU News Bulletin 03-2011, March 22, 2011
Voting on the Tentative Agreement for the 2010-2015 APWU-USPS contract will start with a mailing set to begin on April 8. The single-question ballot will allow members to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on a contract, which, if ratified, would expire on May 20, 2015. [Read more]
Tentative Agreement Available Online

Rank-and-File Committee
Approves Tentative Contract
APWU News Bulletin 02-2011, March 16, 2011
The APWU Rank-and-File Bargaining Advisory Committee voted unanimously on March 16 to approve a Tentative Agreement with the USPS for a new contract
 [Read more]

Tentative Agreement on New Contract
APWU News Bulletin 01-2011, March 14, 2011
The American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract, union President Cliff Guffey announced today.
“Despite the fact that the Postal Service is on the edge of insolvency, the union and management have reached an agreement that is a ‘win-win,’ proposition,” he said. [Read more]

Guffey: Governor’s Attack on Wisconsin Workers
Must Serve as a Wake-Up Call
APWU Web News Article 026-2011, March 10, 2011
“When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and 18 Republican state senators rammed through a bill in the dead of night that strips public workers of their right to collective bargaining, they sent a clear message,” said union President Cliff Guffey. “I hope it serves as a wake-up call for APWU members and all working people. [Read more]

The Battle in Wisconsin: ‘Are We Next?’
An Urgent Video Message
From APWU President Cliff Guffey

(02/25/11) “I want to make sure that every APWU member understands the importance of what is happening in Wisconsin,” says union President Cliff Guffey in a video message. [Click here]

Rank-and-File Bargaining Committee to Meet
But There is No Tentative Agreement, Union Says

APWU Web News Article 023-2011, Feb. 24, 2011
APWU President Cliff Guffey has called the Rank-and-File Bargaining
Advisory Committee to Washington, DC for a briefing on contract negotiations, but he said a tentative agreement has not been reached.
[Read more]

‘Business as Usual’ Isn’t Good Enough,
Guffey Tells National Officers
APWU Web News Article 022-2011, Feb. 23, 2011
Union activists cannot conduct “business as usual,” APWU President Cliff Guffey told national officers at a meeting in Washington this week. With the Postal Service facing a financial crisis and union membership declining, APWU leaders must take the skills they have honed in the grievance procedure and apply them in the legislative arena and other areas of union activity, he said. [Read more]

APWU Stands in Solidarity with Embattled Workers
APWU Web News Article 021-2011, Feb. 18, 2011
As embattled state and local workers in Wisconsin protest legislation that would attack public employees’ rights to bargain collectively, the APWU urges members to stand in solidarity with those who would be affected by the bill.
We know if they succeed in Wisconsin, we and other workers will be next,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey. “We must stand in solidarity with the workers in Wisconsin.” [Read more]

White House Budget
‘Recognizes Seriousness’ of USPS Crisis
Proposals Face an Uphill Battle
APWU Web News Article 020-2011, Feb. 15, 2011
President Obama’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2012, which was released Feb. 14, “recognizes the seriousness of the Postal Service’s financial condition and proposes beginning steps to address it,” APWU President Cliff Guffey said. [Read more]

Senator Collins Introduces Bill
To Terminate OWCP Payments
Injured Workers Would Face Reduced Benefits
APWU Web News Article 017-2011, Feb. 10, 2011
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has sponsored legislation that would lead to reduced benefits for postal and federal employees who receive payments from the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) due to job-related injuries or illnesses. [Read more]

APWU Urges Commission
To Make Repeal of Pre-funding Mandate a Priority
APWU Web News Article 015-2011, Feb. 2, 2011
Repealing a provision of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act is “so critical to the welfare of the Postal Service” that it should be the exclusive focus of a report to the president and Congress on the effectiveness of the law, the APWU wrote to the Postal Regulatory Commission on Feb. 1. The provision, which requires the Postal Service to pre-fund health benefits, costs the Postal Service more than $5 billion annually and has driven the USPS to the brink of insolvency. [Read more]

With Slow Progress, Contract Talks Continue
Union Asks for Members’ Continued Support
APWU Web News Article 011-2011, Jan. 28, 2011
“Although progress in contract negotiations is slow, bargaining is ongoing,” APWU President Cliff Guffey reported on Jan. 28. Representatives of the Postal Service and the union are meeting almost daily, he added. [Read more]

APWU Denounces Post Office Closure Plans
APWU Web News Article 009-2011, Jan. 24, 2011
The union is “deeply disappointed” by the Postal Service’s announcement — via the Wall Street Journal — that it plans to close as many as 2,000 post offices beginning in March, APWU President Cliff Guffey said Monday. [Read more]

Computerized system to help determine post office fates, Donahoe likens 5,000 postmaster positions to lonely Maytag repair man - USPS more than 'bricks and mortar' - as operator eyes thousands of branch closures

National Officers to Meet in February
Guffey Seeks to Unify Leaders on New Direction
APWU Web News Article 008-2011, Jan. 21, 2011
APWU’s national officers will meet in Atlanta for several days in early February, as President Cliff Guffey seeks to move the organization in a new direction. “We must shift the focus of the union away from acting as a grievance machine,” he said. “Leaders at all levels of the organization must get more involved in legislative activities and other union efforts.” [Read more]

APWU, Postal Unions Urge Obama
To Fix USPS Pension Overfunding
APWU Web News Article 006-2011, Jan. 13, 2011
The APWU and other postal unions and management associations have asked President Barack Obama to take “immediate action to save almost 100,000 good, middle-class jobs and stabilize the financial condition” of the Postal Service. [Read more]

OSHA: DBCS Machines Pose Risk to Workers’ Health
Management ‘Lacks Understanding’ of Risks, Agency Concludes
APWU Web News Article 007-2011, Jan. 14, 2011
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has hit the Postal Service with another unwelcome finding: Delivery Bar Code Sorter machines pose a direct risk to workers’ health, and there is a “general lack of understanding about the hazards and injuries” associated with the equipment among postal managers. [Read more]
USPS Fails to Keep Proper
Record of Injury and Illness, OSHA Finds
Problem May be ‘Pervasive’
APWU Web News Article 005-2011, Jan. 11, 2011
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) slammed the USPS again for safety violations — this time for under-recording workplace injuries and illnesses. In recent months, OSHA found 242 instances of recordkeeping violations during inspections of 10 postal facilities. [Read more]

Despite Mounting Frustration,
Contract Talks Continue
APWU Web News Article 004-2011, Jan. 10, 2011
Although the union is “increasingly frustrated” at the slow pace of contract negotiations, bargaining is continuing, APWU President Cliff Guffey has announced. After briefing the Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee on Jan. 4 and 5, members of the union’s negotiating team held discussions with their management counterparts on Jan. 6 and 7.  [Read more]

Union Encourages Members to Use
Department of Labor Forms
For FMLA Leave Requests
APWU Web News Article 152-2010, Dec. 17, 2010
The APWU is encouraging members to use Department of Labor forms when requesting Family & Medical Leave, while the union pursues a dispute with the Postal Service over employees’ right to use APWU forms or other equivalent documentation.  [Read more]

APWU, USPS Announce Freeze on Excessing
Parties Agree to Moratorium as Talks Continue
APWU News Bulletin 15-2010, Dec. 15, 2010
The APWU and the Postal Service have agreed to a freeze on excessing while contract negotiations continue, union President Cliff Guffey has announced. “Throughout the bargaining process, the APWU has sought to negotiate a contract that would protect jobs and lessen the pain of excessing for our members. We are pursuing those goals,” he said.  [Read more]

Bargaining Continues
APWU Web News Article 149-2010, Dec. 9, 2010
Contract talks between the APWU and Postal Service have continued throughout the week and are ongoing, President Cliff Guffey has reported. “We are pursuing our goals,” he said. “We want job security for our members, and we want to lessen the disruption our members suffer as a result of excessing.” The parties also are discussing wages, benefits, and issues related to workforce structure. [Read more]

The Washington Post: Wrong Again!
APWU Web News Article 146-2010, Dec. 7, 2010

A recent Washington Post editorial is so riddled with inaccuracies that it’s hard to know where to begin to refute them. But one thing is clear: The message — and the not-so-coincidental timing of its publication — is that the anti-union newspaper wants Congress to tilt the scale against workers just as the APWU’s contract negotiations reach the final stages. [Read more]

OIG Calls for Reduced Prefunding Requirements
Says Current Payments Result in Massive Overfunding
APWU Web News Article 142-2010, Dec. 1, 2010
The USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) concluded in a recent report that the Postal Service prefunds its pension and retiree healthcare benefits at levels that are substantially higher than other government agencies, the military, and private-sector businesses. Reducing the required funding levels would result in projected USPS savings of more than $60 billion, the OIG found, and would allow the USPS to meet its obligation while conserving cash and improving its financial position.  [Read more]

APWU Installation of Officers:
Guffey Pledges to Continue
The Fight for Working Families
APWU News Bulletin 11-2010, Nov. 8, 2010
Speaking at swearing-in ceremonies in Washington, DC, newly elected APWU President Cliff Guffey pledged to continue to fight on behalf of postal workers and their families. [Read more]

APWU Must Fight for Our Future
In Wake of Tough Congressional Elections

APWU Web News Article 122-2010, Nov. 3, 2010
“...There are too many distribution centers, too many postal workers, too many post offices, and there’s a reluctance to make those changes,” Rep. Issa told CQ magazine..." [Read more]

USPS Wage, Benefit Proposal:
An Insult to Postal Workers
Burrus Update #19-2010, Nov. 1, 2010
Contract negotiations took a dramatic turn today as postal management presented its economic proposal, which would establish employees’ wages and benefits for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement.
[Read more]

APWU Grows Impatient
With Pace of Contract Talks
Burrus Update #18-2010, Oct. 25, 2010
To date, the negotiating meetings have consisted of formal presentations by the union and management, followed by questions regarding the justification for the requested changes. The APWU negotiating team has vigorously challenged management’s justifications for its negative proposals and has defended the union’s proposals by demonstrating how they would benefit the Postal Service and the employees we represent. [Read more]

Burrus Shocked, Disappointed By Retirement of PMG Potter

Notion that USPS Can’t Afford Unions
Is a Cheap Shot at Workers
APWU Web News Article 117-2010, Oct. 20, 2010
APWU President William Burrus has again refuted assertions about the financial condition of the Postal Service that appeared in a
recent column in The Daily Caller: “The Postal Service Can’t Afford Unions.” 
In an
Oct. 18 letter [PDF], Burrus wrote that if Tad DeHaven, the author of the column, “knew what he was talking about, he could be dangerous.” [Read more]

Postal Service echoes Enron abuses
"...Only Congress can address this cultural issue by changing the USPS. Remember, the scandals and investigative revelations point to ineffective internal "checks and balances" in the Postal Service. All the systems that are supposed to guard against mismanagement and abuses are nowhere to be found - the board of governors, the OIG, the complacent officers - none are doing their job to control the culture of abuse and manipulation of rules and regulations that is destroying the USPS' viability from within..." [Read more]

USPS Liabilities are a Colossal Sham :
OIG Says USPS Could Recover $142.4 Billion

Burrus Update #17-2010, Oct. 8, 2010
In the summary issued on Sept. 30 [PDF], the OIG concluded that the USPS is entitled to refunds for past overpayments, as well as relief from future liabilities in the astounding amount of $142.4 billion. [Read more]

APWU Members March
For Good Jobs, Change in America

APWU Web News Article 102-2010, Oct. 4, 2010
APWU members, officers, staff and Dennis Avery convened in the nation’s capital on Saturday, Oct. 2 for the One Nation March, a demonstration to strengthen the fight for good jobs and economic justice.
Read more]

Rough Week for USPS
Highlights Importance of Bill to Fix Finances

Locals Should Rally Support for H.R. 5746
 APWU Web News Article 101-2010, Oct. 1, 2010
The Postal Service suffered two punishing blows this week: The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) rejected a request for a rate increase, and Congress refused to give the USPS relief from the requirement to pay $5.5 billion by Sept. 30 to pre-fund future retiree healthcare obligations. [Read more]

USPS Has Too Many Supervisors And Too Many Employees, Congressman Says
"The Post Office has 200,000 people who should be retiring," Rep. Darrell Issa said in a speech Wednesday to The Heritage Foundation. USPS had 568,301 employees at the end of August. "When I say retiring I mean we don’t need them. But let’s bear in mind it’s just not the guy at the post office; it’s the thousands of people who are doing maintenance at post offices that we don’t need to have so many of." [Read more]

Congressman’s Call for Concessions
Should Drive Postal Workers to the Polls
Burrus Update #16-2010, Sept. 27, 2010
"...Rep. Darrell Issa declares: “No union has or ever will lobby for a layoff, so it’s up to USPS management and Congress to demand concessions.”
Demand concessions?
Yes, Rep. Issa wants Congress to demand layoffs and other concessions from postal workers..." 
Read more]

Video: More on USPS sweetheart deals for former execs

Senator Collins’ remarks on USPS from yesterday’s
Senate session
"... I must say, I was both dismayed and outraged when I received the results of the IG’s audits. The IG found stunning evidence of contract mismanagement, ethical lapses, financial waste, and excessive executive perks which, if remedied, could allow the Postal Service to realize in excess of $800 million in savings next year alone. That is at a minimum..." [Read more]

Dozens of ex-postal officials got generous no-bid deals, report says
"It appears unethical to hire back former executives at nearly twice their former pay to advise new executives who were placed in their position based on their expertise and years of Postal Service experience," the report said. "There is also employee morale and public image issues management must consider when the Postal Service is closing post offices and seeking a reduced delivery schedule."
Read more]

IG report: Noncompetitive contracts, exec perks at USPS
"...At a time when the Postal Service is pursuing significant rate increases and reducing service in response to its dire financial condition, these IG reports raise extremely troubling questions about the management abilities and core decisions of the Postal Service," said Sen. Susan Collins..."
Read more]

Senator Carper's Bill: D.O.A
"...The bill includes all of the legislative changes that the Postal Service requested as part of its action plan last March.  The strong support that Postmaster General Potter shows for the bill in the
press release from Senator Carper's office confirms that this bill can be thought of as the "Postal Service's bill." Unfortunately for Postmaster General Potter, Senator Carper's bill is effectively dead on arrival.  Why?..." [Read more]
Postal Service reform bill to be unveiled Senator Wants to Reform Post Office - Senator Carper Introduces Comprehensive Postal Service Act - Bill (PDF)

Must-See TV:
What Conservatives Think of Postal Workers
Burrus Update #15-2010, Sept. 21, 2010
The video below is a “must-see” for every postal employee.

If there was ever any doubt about where our allegiance should be in the November elections, the doubters should view a recent “debate” featured on the Fox Business Channel. (I use the term “debate” loosely. As viewers will see, all the panelists agreed that the Postal Service should be privatized.) 
Read more/watch video]

Deadline for Voting in Union Election Extended
Ballots Must Be Received by Oct. 14

APWU Web News Article 097-2010, Sept. 24, 2010
The APWU Election Committee has extended the deadline for voting in the national officers’ election because of reports that a large number of union members have not yet received their ballots. The new deadline for receipt of ballots at the post office box designated on the return envelope is Thursday, Oct. 14, at 2 p.m. [
Read more]

Union Denounces
USPS Attempts to 'Work the Refs'

Says Contract Negotiations Are Ill-Served by Public Misstatements
APWU Web News Article 092-2010, Sept. 8, 2010
“...Unfortunately, the Postal Service has begun posturing and manipulating numbers,” the union president said. “Management is ‘working the refs’ in an effort to influence the outcome of contract negotiations...” [Read more]

Contract Negotiations Begin
Union Pledges ‘Best Effort’ to Achieve Agreement
APWU News Bulletin 05-2010, Sept. 1, 2010
Negotiations for a new national agreement between the American Postal Workers Union and the U.S. Postal Service began Sept. 1 in Washington, DC. The current contract expires Nov. 20, 2010. [Read more]

APWU-USPS 2010 Contract Negotiations – Opening Session Video

USPS Seeks to Pare Full-Time Workforce in Talks With Union
"The U.S. Postal Service, which lost $5.1 billion in the first half of this year, will seek to cut costs by paring the size of its full-time workforce in contract talks with its largest labor union that start today. The Postal Service, which spends 78 percent of its budget on salaries and benefits, opens negotiations with the American Postal Workers Union. The union, with 330,000 members, opposes a cost-cutting plan to scrap Saturday delivery. Talks with the 113,000-member National Rural Letter Carriers Association start in two weeks." - USPS: Postal Service Begins Labor Contract Negotiations - APWU: Contract Negotiations Begin - "Shift to part-time and seasonal work" - "More flexible workforce not tied to work hour guarantees and set schedules; discuss commitment to FEHBP" - Going to Arbitration?

Daily Updates

APWU National Convention News


APWU Urges Members to
Boycott “Voice of the Employee” Surveys

APWU Web News Article 085-2010, Aug. 16, 2010
The APWU is asking union members to boycott USPS “Voice of the Employee” surveys in order to prevent management from manipulating the results to undercut the union during upcoming contract negotiations. [Read more]

Burrus: “Postal Workers Will Not Settle for Less”

APWU Web News Article 084-2010, Aug. 13, 2010
“America wants to keep Saturday delivery, and we will beat back this proposal to lock the mailbox on Saturday,” APWU President William Burrus told delegates to the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) biennial convention in Anaheim, CA. “We join with NALC in pledging ‘five day, no way." [Read more]

While Congress is on Recess in August, Urge Reps:

Support Crucial Postal Bills

APWU News Bulletin 04-2010, Aug. 9, 2010
The union is asking APWU members to give their U.S. representatives an important “welcome home” message during Congress’ August recess: Support H.R. 5746, a bill to restore financial stability to the Postal Service. [Read more]

Department of Labor Files Motion
To Consolidate USPS Electrical Safety Charges
APWU Web News Article 081-2010, Aug. 6, 2010
The Department of Labor (DOL) is seeking to consolidate complaints regarding the Postal Service’s ongoing and systemic violations of safe electrical work practices, and has initiated settlement discussions with the Postal Service in an attempt to correct the hazards. The DOL has invited the APWU to participate in the discussions. [Read more]

For Safety Violations in Boston

APWU Web News Article 076-2010, Aug. 3, 2010
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued the Postal Service nine “willful and serious” safety violations for exposing employees to electrical hazards at a Boston, MA postal facility. The USPS has been ordered to pay $357,000 in fines. [Read more]


AFL-CIO Adopts Resolution
To Save Saturday Mail Service
APWU Web News Article 079-2010, Aug. 5, 2010
The AFL-CIO adopted a resolution written by the APWU in support of retaining six-day mail delivery at its Aug. 4 Executive Council meeting. The motion to adopt the resolution expresses the labor movement’s opposition to the USPS proposal to eliminate Saturday delivery. [Read more]

Two Congressional Panels Support Six-Day Service
APWU Web News Article 074-2010, July 30, 2010
Two congressional panels voted on July 29 to approve spending bills that would require the Postal Service to continue to provide mail delivery six days per week. The two bills — one in the Senate and one in the House — still have a long way to go before they could become law, however. [Read more]

Major Mailers Make Billions,
But Demand Postal Worker Pay Cuts

Burrus Update #14-2010, Aug. 3, 2010
In their ongoing effort to shift wealth to the richest Americans, conservatives continually attack the pay and benefits earned by average workers. Over the past 20 years, the transfer of wealth has been dramatic. Despite significant increases in productivity, workers’ real wages have declined, while salaries, bonuses, dividends and “golden parachutes” for executives have skyrocketed. [Read more]

Crucial Postal Bill Clears First Hurdle
APWU Web News Article 071-2010, July 22, 2010
Legislation to restore financial stability to the Postal Service cleared its first hurdle July 21 when the House postal oversight subcommittee approved H.R. 5746. [Read more]

Congressman Stephen Lynch Introduces Legislation To Correct USPS CSRS Retirement Overpayments
Congressman Stephen Lynch introduced legislation to correct methodology which overcharges USPS for its CSRS retirement obligations.  The legislation amends the provisions of title 5, United States Code, relating to the methodology for calculating the amount of any Postal surplus or supplemental liability under the Civil Service Retirement System. [Read more]


Facts Don’t Lie:
Chart Shows True Picture of Postal Service’s Financial Health

Burrus Update 12-2010, July 21, 2010
"...Despite the accuracy of my Updates, numerous articles and editorials in the mainstream media have reported somberly on the Postal Service’s desperate financial situation. My response has been that USPS deficits are directly linked to the pre-funding issue, and do not accurately reflect the relationship between postal revenue and expenses related to providing mail service..." [Read more]

Union Urges Affected Workers
To Complete NRP Questionnaire
 APWU Web News Article 068-2010, July 15, 2010
To strengthen the fight against the Postal Service’s harsh National Reassessment Program (NRP), the APWU is encouraging limited-duty and permanent-rehabilitation employees to complete a questionnaire sponsored by a law firm that has filed a class-action complaint against the USPS. The complaint alleges that the NRP discriminates against disabled employees. [Read more]

More Hypocrisy as Big Mailers Decry Rate Hike
In Run-Up to Postal Reform, They Championed Annual Increases

Burrus Update 11-2010, July 13, 2010
Unfortunately, commercial mailers have been permitted to influence postal management beyond the scope of their contribution. While direct mail accounts for an ever-increasing share of mail volume, its contribution to USPS revenue is a pitiful 20 percent. But the voice of the average citizen, who pays 44 cents postage per letter, is drowned out by those who have access to USPS decision-makers..." [Read more]

Major Mailers Go Ballistic Over Rate Increase
Attempt to Shift the Burden to Postal Employees
Burrus Update 10-2010, July 9, 2010
As anticipated, large mailers have gone ballistic. They have formed a new organization, the Affordable Mail Alliance, dedicated to stopping the rate hike..." [Read more]


Management’s Grievance Strategy: Defer and Delay
Burrus Update 09-2010, July 8, 2010
This has been an extremely busy year, as we respond to the postal policies and decisions triggered by the recent decline in mail volume. [Read more]


Department of Labor Safety Complaint
Underscores Widespread, Systemic Violations

APWU Web News Article 065-2010, July 7, 2010
The Department of Labor filed a
complaint against the Postal Service on July 6 for ongoing and systemic violations of safe electrical work practices, marking the first time the department has sought an “enterprise-wide” remedy. [Read more]

PRC Affirms USPS Overpaid
$50 Billion to Retirement Fund
OPM Must Reconsider Calculations
APWU Web News Article 064-2010, July 2, 2010
"...The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) released an
independent actuarial report [PDF] on June 30 which confirms that the Postal Service was overcharged $50-$55 billion for payments to the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) between 1972 and 2009. The report recommended an “adjustment” of $50-$55 billion in favor of the Postal Service..." [Read more]

Report (PRC): USPS should pay billions less into pension
The struggling U.S. Postal Service should be spared between $50 billion and $55 billion in projected long-term pension obligations, according to an outside actuary's report submitted today to Congress by the Postal Regulatory Commission..." [Read more]

Capitol Hill Testimony
Burrus: USPS Can and Must
Expand the Services It Offers
APWU Web News Article 059-2010, June 23, 2010
"...Predicting that mail volume will grow in 2012, APWU President William Burrus told lawmakers June 23 that slashing service will not solve the Postal Service’s current financial difficulties. The APWU “believes the USPS can and must expand the services it offers,” he said..." [Read more]


OIG Report: CSRS Overpayment by the Postal Service (PDF)
"...The return of the overpayment or a combination of actions to realize the benefit of the $75 billion overpayment to the Postal Service would fully fund the pension and health retiree plans. The Postal Service's more than $7 billion annual payments for retiree health care prefunding and retiree health care premiums would no longer be needed, because the pension and health retiree plans would be fully funded and interest income from the fully funded retiree health benefit fund could pay annual premiums..."
Read more]


Preparation for Contract Negotiations
Rank & File Bargaining Panel Meets

 APWU News Bulletin 02-2010, June 16, 2010
“This will not be a giveback contract,” APWU President Burrus told members of the union’s Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee at their first meeting on June 16. “Negotiations may be difficult,” he said, “but it is our job to find a way around the obstacles we face.”  [Read more]

Leave No Man Behind
"...This issue is about Americans who sacrificed their freedoms, and more than likely gave their lives for our freedoms. If House Resolution 111 gets a big push from labor and friends of labor, it may just be the push our politicians need to be compelled to act. It's hard to ignore the voices of 15.3 million voting unionists..."

Postal Customers Tweet About Post Office Lines
Customers standing in lines at post offices are using Twitter to comment (tweet) about their waits.
Click here for Realtime "Tweets" results for post office lines.

OIG Says Workshare Audit
Will Include Union’s Views
APWU Web News Article 054-2010, June 8, 2010
The USPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) has assured the APWU that the union’s views on “workshare discounts” will be considered in an upcoming examination of the controversial practice. Inspector General David C. Williams offered the commitment after President William Burrus criticized the OIG for excluding postal unions from providing input for the report. [Read more]


Fight to Save Saturday Service
Approaches Important Milestone

APWU Web News Article 050-2010, June 3, 2010
Postal employees and customers are approaching an important milestone in the fight to save Saturday service, as a House resolution supporting six-day mail delivery continues to gain momentum. [Read more]

It’s Time For The Postmaster General to Go, and The Inspector General as Well

"...The record is clear. The United States Postal Service has been abusing, bullying, and robbing their employees blind all over the country for years now, and with complete impunity. So it’s time for both Postmaster General John E. Potter and Inspector General David C. Williams to go. By overlooking the blatant corruption that has been clearly evidenced on their watch, they could both easily be charged with malfeasance at the very least..." [Read more]


Unions, Management
Reach Settlement of Unions’ Privacy Lawsuit

 APWU Web News Article 047-2010, May 24, 2010
“...The OIG can no longer violate employees’ rights by using police state tactics when conducting sick-leave or workers compensation investigations,” said APWU President William Burrus. “The obligation to provide details about a request — instead of demanding access to private records — prevents the OIG from abusing its power when investigating routine personnel matters...”  [Read more]

A Pig with Lipstick… Is Still a Pig
 Burrus Update 08-2010, May 20, 2010
"...Yes, postal management could have taken many steps in response to the crippling new obligations of the PAEA, each of which would have been vigorously contested. The proponents of the misguided legislation also could have expended their energies in positive endeavors and spared the Postal Service the agony of being pushed to insolvency..." [Read more]

Capitol Hill Testimony
Burrus: USPS Postage Discounts Are Illegal, Self-Defeating
APWU Web News Article 043-2010, May 12, 2010
Postage discounts for major mailers are illegal and “self-defeating,” APWU President William Burrus told lawmakers May 12. Excessive discounts for corporate mailers who engage in worksharing “deprive the USPS of revenue that is essential to maintain the nation’s mail network,” he said. [Read more]

Goldway calls USPS $238 billion loss estimate an “unsubstantiated figure with no connection to reality”
"...Goldway said the USPS is presenting dire forecasts to scare Congress into allowing the USPS to do the things it has wanted to do for years, such as moving to 5-day delivery, closing retail services and consolidating its network..." [Read more]


President's Viewpoint

Phony Deficit Projections
Mask Management’s Real Goal

"...Every editorial writer with a pen has reacted to the phony projections by asserting that workers must accept severe wage and benefit cuts, and suggesting that if the unions do not willingly accept them, arbitrators should be required to consider the phony financial health of the Postal Service in their decisions..." [Read more]

Postal Service Scores a Win with Walmart
"...At the National Postal Forum, postal officials were bragging that they had recently negotiated an agreement with Wal-Mart to be its exclusive shipper of prescriptions ordered by telephone. The drugs will be sent via Priority Mail, with Wal-Mart picking up the tab..." [Read more]


Senate Subcommittee Hearing on The Future of the USPS
"...Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway cautioned against deciding on major cuts in universal mail service until Congress considers possible changes to Postal Service funding of employee pensions and future retiree health benefits in remarks before the Senate postal oversight subcommittee..." [Read more]

Rationale for Five-Day Delivery 
Shattered at House Hearing
APWU Web News Article 031-2010, April 16, 2010
"...In response to questions by Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA), Postmaster General John E. Potter admitted that predictions that the Postal Service would amass losses of $238 billion by the year 2020 were “theoretical.” The exchange confirms allegations made by the APWU that the USPS forecast is wildly exaggerated, outlandish and unsupported..." [Read more]

Rep Connolly Questions Postmaster General John Potter
[Watch video]

"...The list is excerpted from testimony delivered on April 15, 2010 by Postal Regulatory Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway before a Joint House Hearing on the Future of the Postal Service..." [Read more]

Statement of NALC President Fred Rolando on the GAO Report
Instead of the report requested by Congress, GAO has issued a full-throated attack on collective bargaining, our contractual COLA clause, our contractual limits on contracting out, our contractual protections of full-time career positions..." [Read more]


Early Retirement Rumors:
Again, APWU Says: Don’t Go!
Burrus Update 07-2010, April 8, 2010
Rumors about Voluntary Early Retirement offers are once again circulating throughout the Postal Service, and employees are evaluating the possibilities. [Read more]

Postal Management Makes an Important Discovery:
USPS Must Help Generate Mail

Burrus Update 06-2010, April 6, 2010
Hooray for the USPS officials who turned on the light and decided to enter the arena as though we intend to survive and thrive! Enough of the gloom-and-doom projections that mail volume is destined to decline to such an extent that sustaining a national network will be impossible. [Read more]

Put out the fire, then build Postal Service back up
"...Congress should substantially correct the postal pension overcharge and responsibly credit the overpaid pension funds back to the Postal Service for payment of its future retiree health benefit obligations. That will put out the Postal Service's financial fire..." [Read more]


Video: PRC Chair Ruth Goldway discusses the future of the USPS
Ruth Goldway talked about how the U.S. Postal Service is adjusting to the modern era of communication and shrinking volume of letters... and its proposal to pare mail service to five days a week. She responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. [Watch video]

PRC Report Finds Excessive Postage Discounts

APWU Web News Article 027-2010, March 30, 2010
Confirming charges the APWU has made for more than a decade, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) concluded on March 29 that the Postal Service grants excessive postage discounts to large mailers. The USPS suffered a loss of $3.8 billion in Fiscal Year 2009. [Read more]

PRC Report: Shortfalls in Some Products, Services Cost USPS $1.7B In FY 2009

Why the closing of facilities cannot be left up to the Postal Service
"...Having never faced such fiscal woes, the Postal Service could make decisions that ultimately hurt its business model and long-term success..." [Read more]

Postmasters lobby Congress as proposals to cut mail deliveries and close post offices are finalized
"...suggested the agency could afford to lose a few district and regional managers. Comparing the current management structure to a big, heavy Cadillac, Iezzi said: "They want to downsize the motor to get better miles per gallon. They're not looking at the bigger picture. They need to make the management vehicle smaller..." [Read more]

Letter Carriers union assails Postal Service for lobbying public to end Saturday delivery
“...The arrogance of the Postal Service in this campaign to lobby the public to embrace five-day delivery as the answer to the Postal Service’s problem is astounding,” he said. “Given that Congress has shown very little interest in eliminating Saturday service and must approve any change, the Postal Service should focus its energies on real solutions, not risky and counterproductive service cuts...” [Read more]

Postal Service Files 5-Day Delivery Plan With Postal Regulatory Commission

Postal Service Outlines Five-Day Delivery Proposal
& Announces Launch of Website

"...The U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors today approved management’s request to move forward with its five-day delivery proposal and to file a request for an advisory opinion with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) on March 30..." [Read more]

Five-Day Delivery Board of Governors Briefing

APWU Denounces Five-Day Mail Delivery,
Urges Congress to Correct Pre-Funding Requirement

"...The improper allocation of liabilities resulted in an overpayment of $75 billion, the OIG found. A more equitable allocation of pension liabilities would offer the USPS stability,” Burrus said, “which could delay any reduction in the number of mail delivery days and other policies that would undermine its ability to provide universal service at uniform rates to American citizens...”  [Read more]


Reply to Postal Pete from the national APWU Communication Department
"...Please rest assured that the national union is making a concerted effort to tell our side of the story

  • On March 2 and in the days immediately following the USPS announcement, APWU President William Burrus was interviewed by the New York Times and the Washington Post.
  • We also provided statements and background to other mjor news outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, CNN Radio, the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.
  • In addition, we were interviewed by lesser-known news outlets that focus on government, such as the Federal Times, Government Executive, Federal Employee News Digest, the Bureau of National Affairs, as well as numerous local general-interest newspapers..." [Read more]
USPS should engage public more when closing offices, PRC says
"...The Postal Service didn't respond to a request for comment on the PRC's opinion. Postal officials haven't said when they expect to make a final decision on the 162 post offices currently being studied..."
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APWU: Commission Sharply Criticizes USPS Station Closure Plans

Bill’s Author Can’t Change the Facts:
Postal 'Reform' Created the USPS’ Financial Plight
Burrus Update 05-2010, March 9, 2010
Absent this obligation, the Postal Service would have experienced a cumulative surplus of $3.7 billion over the last three fiscal years, despite declining mail volume, an economy in chaos, and electronic diversion..." [Read more]

APWU Urges Members
To Support Six-Day Mail Delivery
APWU Web News Article 019-2010, March 8, 2010
The APWU is asking union members to contact their U.S. Representatives and encourage them to co-sponsor House Resolution 173, which urges the Postal Service to continue to provide mail delivery six days per week. [Read more]


Analysis: Postal rescue plan faces impossible odds
The U.S. Postal Service is officially in a panic. [Read more]


Union Rejects USPS Call
For Five-Day Delivery, New Business Model

APWU Web News Article 018-2010, March 3, 2010
“...The assertion that the Postal Service must initiate major changes in its business plan to survive a grave crisis is false,” he said. “It masks the central cause of USPS financial difficulties: the congressionally-imposed requirement to pre-pay retiree healthcare obligations..." [Read more

Five myths about the U.S. Postal Service
By John E. Potter - Sunday, February 28, 2010
Potter sets the stage for the Press Conference Tuesday - March 2, 2010 [Read more]

Postmaster General Potter to Announce New Business Model for USPS (PDF) at this press conference.
Read more]

Will the proposed service cuts help the USPS? [Watch video]

USPS Is Accelerating Flats Sequencing Installations
"...Only 11 of the massive machines are up and running, which is about eight months behind the early-2009 schedule for the system that is supposed to revolutionize the handling of catalogs, magazines, and other flat mail. But another 39 installations will be complete by the end of July..." [
Read more]

USPS Refuses to Sever Ties with Subcontractor
That Defrauds Drivers of Wages, Benefits
APWU Web News Article 013-2010, Feb. 22, 2010
“...This is an example of the improper and illegal practices that are often involved in postal subcontracting,” APWU Motor Vehicle Services Division Director Bob Pritchard said. “APWU has protested USPS’ subcontracting practices for many years,” he said. “We have often pointed out that contractors’ bids are invalid. This settlement ($1.8 million in back wages) demonstrates one way subcontractors can afford to submit such low bids: They underpay their employees...” [Read more]

Revised USPS five-day delivery plan keeps branches open, some Saturday processing

Under its revised plan to cut mail delivery to five days a week, the US Postal Service would eliminate delivery to street addresses and some processing on Saturday, but it would not close post offices. The plan requires Congressional action to be enacted. [Read more]

Obama Budget Promises Strong Support for USPS
APWU Web News Article 010-2010, Feb. 5, 2010
The Obama administration’s 2011 budget calls for a continuation of six-day mail delivery and says the White House “will work with the Postal Service, its employee unions, the Congress, and other stakeholders to make sure the Postal Service has the tools and authorities it needs to remain viable as a pillar of the American economy and a vital public resource through the current crisis and over the long haul.” [Read more]

Station & Branch Closures
USPS Trims List to 162
APWU Web News Article 008-2010, Jan. 29, 2010
The USPS announced Jan. 29 that the list of stations and branches being considered for closure has been reduced to 162, six less than the last update on Dec. 15. The Postal Service cautioned again that the list does not represent a final decision on which locations would be closed. [Read more]

The League Takes Postmasters Working Condition Issues to Congress
"...These are the same issues over which the National league of Postmasters has been unsuccessfully attempting to positively engage the Postal Service for the last 3 X years. You know the issues; they include Postmasters putting in horribly long work weeks due to the Postal Service's failure to properly staff supervisors, clerks and carriers and to properly budget work hours, the caustic workplace environment in many districts, a failed pay for performance system..." [Read more]

NAPS Alerts Congress to Possible Pay Abuse by USPS
"...While all postal managers and supervisors are deeply concerned about the Postal Service's financial condition, the same concerns did not dissuade the Postal Service from awarding significant salary increases -- in the tens of thousands of dollars -- to many of its executive-level employees during the past year, Keating added..." [Read more]

A Stunning Announcement:
OIG Says USPS Overpaid
Federal Government $75 Billion
Burrus Update 03-2010, Jan. 20, 2010
The newest overfunding debacle, if corrected, would more than offset the Postal Service’s deficit from Fiscal Year 2009 and the expected shortfalls in FY 2010 and 2011. The doomsday predictors of the imminent demise of the Postal Service must now find a new rationale for their efforts to dismantle postal services. [Read more]

If There Is No Work For Postal Clerks, Why Are Supervisors, Carriers Doing It?
By Stephen Lysaght, President, APWU East Bay Area Local - Grievances concerning supervisors performing bargaining unit work and Carriers assigned Clerk craft duties have increased dramatically. Perhaps it has to do with the current financial plight of the Postal Service. Because mail volume and revenue have decreased, Clerks are not replaced when they retire or separate for other reasons. [Read more] 

What’s wrong with Post Office
by James Bertolone, President APWU Rochester, NY  - When you hear labor costs are 80 percent of the postal dollar, remember close to 25 percent of the postal dollar goes to those who do not transport, sort or deliver the mail, and do not serve at public windows or maintain the buildings and equipment. We should require Congress to perform its oversight function, starting with demanding the resignations of Potter and Bush-appointed members of the Postal Board of Governors before they destroy the greatest postal service with the lowest rates in the western world. [Read more]